Is Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment can be used

During pregnancy and breast-feeding?


Because the concentration of retinol treatment is comparable to prescription retinoid (and these are strictly prohibited during pregnancy and breastfeeding) discourage use, unless it is approved by your doctor. If your doctor does not have an explicit opinion, it is better to abstain until the end of pregnancy and lactation.


If I see great results after one or two uses, can I start using the Clinical 1% Retinol Treatment each day?


Because the side effects of high doses of retinol may be delayed, we recommend the start of daily use after approx. 2-4 weeks of use, or after the end of side effects (such as irritation, flaking or redness). This is very important, especially for people who do not use never high concentrations of retinol or retinoid prescription – not everyone tolerates them well, and not all can be used.

Lipstick on everyone’s lips

Perhaps it is because Coco Chanel for many residents of France for the style – for women today love it. Lipstick – at least one – has every Frenchwoman, regardless of age. And this lipstick most emphasize their beauty.

They not all wear the poppy or carmine lips, because it’s a matter of taste color and type of beauty, but here is the foundation lipstick makeup. It may not be powder or primer can not emphasize the eyelashes, no less mouth is always number one.

Frenchwoman wearing always beautiful and sexy lingerie. Few who wears cotton majty here with legs. The girls already as teenagers are willing to buy underwear as often as toiletries. Hence, many French lingerie brand has such beautiful designs.

Women care about the perfect selection of bras for clothes, which assume that under his white shirt red straps do not protrude – unless it’s a special intention styling. A good underwear, plus hair removal, which is French anyway remembers the basis for a good and sexy style of being.

Using Natural Collagen cosmetics.

the use of collagen night as the only cosmetic, if after a few minutes of downloading the imposition cease to feel the skin; in case of prolonged feelings of tightening the skin – use a cream or mask (the revelation of a series of cosmetics NCI)For skin with problems (egg. Allergies, dermatitis, acne różowały) used to use their specialized cosmetics or medicines (necessarily)! If these cosmetics or medicines contain ingredients that weaken the biological activity of collagen (see Para… 6) – reapply it after 30 minutes after application of collagen.

Apply immediately after a rapid uptake (only cosmetics without consistency gel) is ideal toiletries NCI,

Cosmetics non-acidic (egg. Fruit, salicylic) without zinc, sulfur and alcohol – weaken the biological activity of collagen,

Not recommended biologically active cosmetics with retinol, cytokines, ceramides etc. (because honestly recommend cosmetics collagen-based.

Prepares the skin for chemical peelings

and treatments with a retinoid and substances depigmentujących. Suitable for combination skin, particularly recommended for skin treated with glycolic acid. gel gives a feeling of freshness, is also recommended as an excellent form of care for men.

It is a combination of glycolic acid, aloe (Aloe vera), vitamin E, bisabolol, lactic acid, wetting agents and vitamins. SESGEN 32 Serum Celular
ACTIVADOR Sesgen 32 Short description The first line of anti-aging genes acting. Cell Activator Serum prolongs cell life, supports the natural process of cell renewal and re-synchronizes the biological clock.

Benefits: wrinkles are reduced, skin becomes uniform color and luster. Serum adds firmness, hydration and improves skin texture.
MORE INFORMACJISUBSTANCJE CZYNNESPOSÓB USE The first line of anti-aging genes acting. Cell Activator Serum prolongs cell life, supports the natural process of cell renewal and re-synchronizes the biological clock. Benefits: wrinkles are reduced, skin becomes uniform color and luster.


Many people in dziesiejszych times of beneficial

Many people in dziesiejszych times of beneficial uses of gold using gold facial, gold or even agree to implantation of gold thread.

Now, without leaving home, you can treat your skin an incredible delight.

Skin sprayed gold will be incredibly soft and smooth.

Gold works well also in the healing of all kinds of scars and burns, it stimulates the skin to regenerate.

The use of gold therapy works in

preventing and reducing wrinkles
the fight against skin discoloration
chronic acne, eczema or lichens
psoriasis, atopic dermatitis
allergic skin moisturizing, prone to irritation

Deserved win Recent research shows that these

Deserved win

Recent research shows that these cells are also present in humans. “The entorhinal cortex and hippocampus are affected early in Alzheimer’s patients,” explains Dick Swaab, emeritus professor of neurobiology at the University of Amsterdam, explains. “They also get lost.” Knowledge about the GPS system in these parts of the brains is very important to understand the memory loss in people with this disease.

Swaab is therefore very happy for the Nobel Prize winners. “The research of these three scientists is beautiful and important,” he says. “Their work is cited much in the literature and is built upon by many.” It therefore does not surprise him that they were awarded the prize and the neurobiologist thinks it’s a deserved win.

Dedicated to the care of the eyes or forehead

Dedicated to the care of the eyes or forehead. They contain ingredients proven to reduce wrinkles and inhibit the aging process. Most include components such as coenzyme Q10, vitamin A, D and E, collagen, elastic and many others. Differentiating factors are often special formula Anti-Age, mostly patented and protected legally defined nomenclature.


They have the characteristics of lifting wrinkles and firming facial skin, as well as improving its stroke. The advantage of natural cosmetics is the lack of artificial ingredients such as parables, SLS or silicones. They are based on the best formulas vegetable, providing

Sometimes by a cosmetics do not smell

Sometimes by a cosmetics do not smell or somehow does not look particularly nice. Cosmetics can be either based on natural ingredients (eg. Cosmetics DR. Kiyo, Dr. Ci: Labo) and be produced on the basis of knowledge of chemistry. The latest hit is a line of cosmetics Astalift, designed by chemists from the company … Fujifilm. Companies should know: Shiseido, Kose, Hada Labo, SK II, DHC Korean cosmetics Koreans love to take handfuls of nature, so most Korean cosmetics is based on a plant extract. The list of ingredients on the Korean cosmetics are long

Skin Face Stronger set of techniques aimed

Relaxing massage the whole body
Harmonious, quiet movements with relaxing music will forget about everyday life, move into the realm of relaxation and sensuality. Great gift for people you love!

Medical massage
Stronger set of techniques aimed at a particular ailment or persistent pain. By stretching and working with trigger points, the key for loosening tight muscles constricting the spine or the pond, it is possible to improve the condition of the body rewarding and well-being.

Anti-stress back massage
Ideal in times when so many people are suffering from stress-related ailments such as back pain, neck and head, tense neck muscles, poor concentration, fatigue, reduced resistance to disease. It gives a feeling of freshness and relaxation that remains for the rest of the day.

New offer a cult brand Kiehl

New offer a cult brand Kiehl’s. New York pharmacy brand in Poland is only a year, but has already managed to conquer our hearts. Autumn in the Kiehl’s will offer a novelty – tired skin oil that nourishes and stimulates the skin to regenerate. Daily Reviving Oil Concentrate is enclosed in a gold bottle and applied it to the skin with a special pipette. Just one drop to cover the skin with a thin layer of oil. The composition of, among others, sunflower seed oil, ginger root and Tamanu. Even the smell stimulates us to action! In imposing the oil on your skin you have to remember not to rub too much in his hands because included in the composition of ginger.
Oil works wonders and is suitable for all skin types. It does not cause blackheads and acne symptoms. Cosmetic weapon morning!